Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Tree-athletes by Grace B

I came to a sudden stop, in front of me there were seven ugly looking trees, all with their own unique sense of wonderful style. These mysterious looking trees came from the 2014 winter Paralympics in Sochi, Russia. These sweating athletes are training for the 2018 winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. These people are in a determined but very unbearable mood because they want to do well in the sports that the seven compete in. These athletes are in a calm training boot camp in North Cumbria. With the specialist help they need these Paralympians can achieve their dreams.

A walk in the woods by Kiera

It was a calm but dull morning I decided to take my dogs for a walk to the woods to play a game of fetch. Accidentally I threw the ball deeper into the woods and they both ran in after the ball. I slowly walked after them because I felt like someone or even something was watching me! Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a group of 9 or 10 stick men looking angrily at me. I ran out of the woods as fast as I could. Where and why they were there I had no clue but I was so scared.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

The Tree-men by Jakub

These tree-men were made by an artist. All the creatures were made of twigs, leaves, thorns and nuts. The creator of the tree-men did not know that they were magical and could move. Soon, he built a massive army of the stickmen; they soon learned how to do karate. They trained every day to get stronger and more powerful. They defended their tribe from people who tried to cut down the trees to make furniture. They kept the wood for themselves. The trees soon used the wood to make homes. They were protecting everything they had. They still live now!

Twigmen by Clara

Sprinting through the overgrowth, the creatures were coming. Slender bodies as fragile as twigs, who knows, maybe the creatures were twigs. Without a whisper, their silent midnight mission started... to eliminate the main source of all problems on Earth... humans. Creeping into houses was their speciality. The army had been hired by Mother Nature to rescue the planet from its gloomy future. The first victims were those who actively sought the destruction of the Earth: the frackers amongst others. They went to sleep that night and never woke up. By the time morning came, all of humanity had been obliterated.

Winter Olympics by Tyler S

I am with my team in the Olympics bobsleigh final. I feel prepared for action. 
3, 2, 1... and we are off! 
We are speeding along as fast as a runaway train. As we speed furiously down the track everything becomes a crazy blur. We were moving very fast when we suddenly started losing control. Even though it was dangerously scary we still needed to finish. We swiftly approached the finish line without knowing the time. Had we been quick enough to gain gold. We waited nervously for the official results.... 
That's what we wanted and we’re beyond thrilled with the result.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

...we were moving very fast.. by Olivia W

Today was the day we were finally moving, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. Later we waited a little till it was the evening so we would arrive at our new house in the morning. At 6:53 pm we started grabbing our stuff and walking to the car, we started to put our stuff in the back of the car. Whilst we were driving to our new house there was a load of traffic. As we started driving again, we were moving very fast when suddenly two cars crashed right in front of ours, I got scarred for life....

...we were moving very fast... by Ben

Today was the day that Samantha was going to the moon and the best thing about it is she is the first woman to go there! Of course she is really excited, but the journey is about three days, which Sam is not very pleased about but she'll hopefully sleep a bit of it. 
"One hour until launch..." Sam heard a voice in her helmet.
"Copy that," she said but it felt more than an hour. 
She wrote a bit of a dairy and here is the first line or so of it. We were moving very fast when we took off blast....

...we were moving very fast... by Alexander

"Dad, are we nearly there?" moaned both the kids every five minutes.  

"No, stop asking! It's really irritating. Also, no more toilet breaks! It's going to take longer to get there if you keep on." Dad said unhappily.  

"It's not our fault! We can't help it!" the kids said.  

"No more talking!" shouted dad. "Your treading on thin ice!"  

We were going to the museum, although it wasn't going that well. It felt like we were going to turn around any second now.  That would have been a good move. We were moving very fast when we saw a car was coming our way, speeding out of control. We were going to crash. 

...we were moving very fast... by Ella

We were in the car on our way to Scarborough for our holiday, we had travelled 50 miles on the highway when we started hearing sirens coming from behind us, flashes of blue and red caught my eye. Instantly, I turned my head to see out the window. A black car was racing towards us. Dad turned up the radio, whilst trying to drive faster away from the car, "Breaking News!" The radio announced, "A prisoner has escaped from jail."
No matter how fast we were driving, he was right behind us, we were moving very fast when there was a BANG!

Friday, 16 February 2018

...we were moving very fast... by Estera

Me and my mum were driving to France in our black Mercedes. It was a bright and warm day. We stopped after 2 hours for a break and get some more petrol. I quickly hovered over to the shop and got a freezing bottle of water to cool me down because it was so hot. We sat back down in the car and drove off. After 4 hours it was getting dark and my mum was getting tired. We were moving very fast when... CRASH! We hit something! I looked out the window. It was a big blue creature...

Thursday, 15 February 2018

...we were moving very fast... by Mayzi

Last Thursday Layla passed her driving test. The next day she decided to take me and Sophie for a drive to Lincoln for a girl's day out shopping and for some dinner. I told Layla that, "We will get the train back home!" because she has had a drink of alcohol. "NO!!!!" She insisted as she sped off down the road. All of a sudden there was a huge, loud BANG and all I can remember is that we were moving very fast when we crashed! I also remember that Sophie died because of Layla, and I never forgave her.

...we were moving very fast... by Lexi

“Five, four, three, two, one, Blast off! “ Smoke surrounded us as we took off into the air. We were moving very fast when suddenly, Julia’s eyes rolled back into her head like a zombie. What could I do? Was she unconscious? She certainly wasn’t responding. My mind was a car, racing cluelessly around a race track. We had now left the Earth’s surface and were zooming around in space. Should I continue to steer the rocket or possibly save Julia’s life? Mind made up, we plummeted back down to earth at a speed of 25,000 mph. Would we make it?

...we were moving very fast... by Clara

"STOP!" cried my little brother desperately. Dad was driving his Ferrari at 200mph.
"Why are you doing this?" begged Mum, who had no idea what was going on. We were moving very fast when for the first time, we all noticed the police sirens behind us. "What are those police cars doing?" whispered Mum.
"I'm sorry," Dad replied while accelerating even more.
"Just stop the car, Alan." Mum calmly commanded.
"I can't. I don't want to lose any of you."
Ahead of us was the pier, then the cold winter ocean.
"This way we will be together forever." Dad accelerated...

...we were moving very fast... by Jessica

On Sunday afternoon, it was swim training. We were moving very fast when we did the rapid relay races in the pool. We had to put in a lot of hard work in these sets. The speed makes a massive difference to us when we do this set because we must get our pulse rates up and the faster we go the better results we will get out of the amazing competitions. After 4 speedy lengths, I stopped to take my pulse rate and it had increased significantly. When it came to swim down, my pulse had to decrease. After a hard set, my legs and arms were aching.

...we were moving very fast... by Grace B

We were patiently waiting in a lay-by for it to happen. Suddenly, a cow flew across the sky in front of my stationary van. I quickly ran to the back of the van to look at the radar, I immediately noticed that a tornado was coming our way. I swiftly hopped back in to the driver’s seat and put my foot down. We were moving very fast when I noticed that the tornado was one mile behind us! I took my seatbelt off and grabbed the camera and took many photos. I put my seatbelt on and drove away.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Magical Powder by Tyler S

One warm sunny day I was jumping high on my trampoline when I noticed something green sparkling on the roof. I came off the trampoline to get a closer look. It had a bright yellow outline that glowed. It looked like it was going to fall off the roof, then it came down the drainpipe and grew larger. I wondered what it could be. I picked it up and it made a twinkling sound. All of a sudden it melted into me and I became transparent! I felt so powerful! Now I can do anything I want without being seen.......

… it came down the drainpipe…by Clara

I screamed.
On the roof the house stood a gigantic hairy tarantula. I t must have been 6 feet tall with 30 centimetre hairs on each of its legs. Its jaws looked like it could swallow me whole. It came down the drainpipe. I think it looked hungry.... hungry for me. Scuttling towards me, its jaws clicking and snapping, white oozing fluid seeped out of its abdomen. The monster circled me like a record on repeat, wrapping me up in a cocoon... preparing its meal. Threads tugged at my throat, forcing me to choke. Then everything stopped.... and everything went black.

… it came down the drainpipe… by Ben

February 7th a crisp, cold, sunny day. The day Matt has to clean the guttering out. He hates to this because he hates heights so he tries to get it over quickly. While he was up there he dropped his cloth and it fell down the drainpipe. He quickly noticed and slid down his ladder and ran to the bottom. It came down the drainpipe but got wedged when it was just about to come out. Matt had enough, he got a crow bar and tried to get it out but he couldn’t seem to budge it oh no!

… it came down the drainpipe… Jakub

I went for a stroll around the city looking to do something. After a half an hour of my stroll, I went back home. I heard something coming down the drain; it was a map. I ran inside the house to show dad. My dad did not know what it was so he gave it back to me he asked curiously, "Where did you find it?"  
"It came down the drainpipe." I said. "I will put it in my room." 
Dad said, "Ok." 
 I put it in the cabinet under the desk. I wondered where that map came from then it disappeared!... 

… it came down the drainpipe… by Lexi

The moon glowed red. Everyone’s eyes were bloodshot. Now the Earth was a zombie following the moon as it slowly drifted sideways. Even the houses were haunted by the moons hypnotic stare; fire places suddenly burst out colossal flames of orange and scarlet. Something bad was happening. Then the moon started started to get smaller rapidly until “BAM!” the moon had popped. Everyone woke up from their trance confused and worried. They took shelter under a near by tree as it rained a shaft of moonbeams. It came down the drainpipe, before disappearing into the ground never to be seen again.