Saturday, 21 April 2018

…Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress…by Clara

The group scampered and sprinted away from whatever was chasing them. They had not wanted to find out! …Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress as the thing was getting closer and closer. The dark tunnel stretched onward for miles, and one of them called out, "I can't ... run ... for much longer!"
"We need to turn around and accept our fate!" panted another.
Slowly they took a deep breath and turned around. Stood before them was the person they had been bullying for years, their face blood-stained, their eyes wide, holding a knife and a camera....

…Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress…by Lexi

 They could hear their hearts pounding in their chests. ”3,2,1, start!“ yelled the zoo keeper before blowing his bright red whistle. All around them was a blur. The crowd roared with applause and they ran as fast as their little legs would take them. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to catch up with the cheetahs. Every second, animals would drop to the floor in pain and sheer exhaustion but they weren’t going to give up now. The finish was in sight. Now it was neck and neck. Who would win and who would die? 

…Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress…by Grace B

Great, today is sports day! Chloe, who is very slow at running, loathed this day. Chloe’s least favourite race was the 4 by 100 metre relay and her sports teacher, Miss Fieldman, has selected her to take part in that race. The race has finally arrived, Chloe was first up in her team, as she ran like a snail to her teammate in front of her, she passed the metallic blue baton and as her teammate ran although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. Chloe was very disappointed as her teammates were slow at running.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

...But how did he get up there? by Ben

Josh had waited all year to go to rock climbing with his friends. When he got there one of his friends was waiting for him with a present in his hands and it looked big, but he couldn’t open it until the end. When everyone had finally arrived, Josh wanted to be the first one to have a go (since it was his birthday.) just as he started climbing his mum rushed to get her camera, she was confused to see that he was already up at the top. "...But how did he get up there?" she asked herself.... Josh smiled.

But how did she get up there? by Lexi

“Help!” screamed a voice as it echoed into the distance.
“Who’s there?” I whispered. As I stood in the desolate forest I began to tremble in fear.  Nervous, I slowly twisted my head back and forth searching for an answer as to where this voice was coming from. “Hello,” I murmured.
“Help! I’m up here!” Suddenly, I spotted a young girl hanging loosely onto a skinny, crooked tree branch. But how did she get up there? And how could I get her down? “Stay there I’ll get you down!” But how could I? There was nobody around for miles!

But how did she get up there? by Grace B

“Hello is anybody here?” echoed Sophie. Sophie’s friends dared her to play hide and seek with the shyest person in their class in a haunted house. She was really scared - Sophie’s heart was pounding very fast. “But how did she get up there?” thought Sophie. Suddenly, she found her hider Jennifer Black, a most annoying person who you wouldn’t want to meet. Quickly Sophie ran upstairs; Jennifer ran off. Sophie followed her but quickly ran out of breath. Sophie could not take this anymore, so she rang her friends and told them about forfeiting the dare. Suddenly both girls …

But how did he get up there? by Clara

A crowd stood before me. Cameras clicked, and people mumbled, but I could barely hear them. All I could focus on was my brother. On top of that building. On the edge of that building. Millimetres from plummeting to his death. “But how did he get up there?” I asked myself. The only way up to the roof was up a ladder. My brother hated ladders. I slipped through the police tape, past the guards, I didn’t care anymore. I had to get to him. My sweaty palms slipped on the cool metal bars as I climbed up to him…

Saturday, 17 March 2018

The Giant Teacup by Ben

This tea cup is from the giants that lived long, long before the cavemen. No one knows how it stayed in such perfect condition, but oh well... it stands, guarded at West Park in Southwesters. Lots of tourist come to see it because they want to see what their great, great, great and more great grandparents had, because it’s the only one in the world that is still intact. In fact one million people have visited it in a whole year and it roughly gets 2000 people hourly.

Thank you John for that great explanation about the tea cup that was amazing.

The Giant Teacup by Jakub

Time and time before, a giant used to have a tea party alone.  

Before humans found this place, it was calm and peaceful until... people made loud noises and that disturbed the giant. He didn't like it so when they were sleeping he would destroy some buildings every night, until there were no more buildings left. Then he could have all the picnics he wanted.  

The people went to him and asked him why he was destroying their buildings but he did not want to talk about it. So, they got all the help possible and pushed him in to a river and he died.  

Biggest Teacup in the World by Clara

"I don't care! screamed the giant, throwing the cup from his cloudy garden. It fell down, down, down, till it disappeared from sight, eventually landing with the softest "clunk."

Locals have been flocking to see the "Biggest Teacup in the World" after it mysteriously appeared during last night's thunderstorm. A farmer, who owns the land it was found on, said when asked for a report, "I have no idea where it came from. One day it wasn't there, the next there it was!" Conspiracy theorists have claimed the teacup belongs to a giant who lives above us in the clouds.

The Giant Teacup by Lexi

Do you like tea? Or are you more of a coffee person? Either way, NEVER drink it out of a small china cup! Here's why...

"I've got  present for you!” whispered Sally. Out of her pocket, she slowly revealed a shiny, white china cup embellished with gold. Excited, Teddy’s  arms shot up faster than a rocket as she attempted to reach the cup, however, as soon as the tips of her fingers touched it there was a huge bang and Sally had disappeared leaving only the cup which had suddenly grown and merged with the ground! What could Sally do?

The giant cup by Tegan

"How did it get there?" I asked my sister as we both circled the mysterious object in the ground. I wondered  how'd it get stuck in the ground? Why's it there? Sofia told me to run back home and get a spade to dig it out so I did. I came back, Sofia started to dig a hole.
Finally, we managed to get the cup out of the hole and on the side it said the person who manages to find this and dig it out must bring it to house ## Burgh Road so we did and we left with an amazingly big prize.

The Mad Hatter's tea cup by Grace B

Oh No! Mad Hatter’s tea cup is blocking my escape from Wonderland! What am I expected to do while I am down here? Last time it was just a dream but this time it is not a dream. I tried banging the blockage but it was heavy as a big rock. The white rabbit wasn’t anywhere to be found, it was just me (Alice), the Cheshire cat, and the Mad Hatter. What happens if I am late to tea? What happens if I don’t see my sister or my mum again? What happens if I am trapped in Wonderland forever?

Saturday, 10 March 2018

…but what if I was in charge?… by Maddie

One day at school, Maria and Georgie were talking about wanting to create a school but who would be in charge? Georgie said, "I could be in charge of our school and you can be deputy head!" 
However, Maria didn’t want her to be it so she answered, "But, what if I was in charge? What about that!" Georgie had other plans she told Maria, "Why don’t I be a head teacher and you be a head teacher!"  
"How is that going to work Georgie, I thought we were doing it together!" 
"No, we are, two friends together always together!"... 

…but what if I was in charge?… by Jessica

3,2,1. I turned around to Sarah and we had landed in a classroom full of sweet little innocent children. They just looked at us as if they had no idea what was going on just like us. Sarah whispered to me, “It looks like they don't have a teacher.”
 I replied, “But what if I was in charge? I wouldn't be able to cope. So,” I questioned, why don't you be the teacher?”
 We both had no chance! 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.
BOOM! The teacher came back and there's no one in the classroom!

…but what if I was in charge?… by Daisy

 Jack always wanted to be a head teacher. Now he was older, it was one normal school day. He could hear the other boys whispering how awful Jack would be if he ever became head teacher. He got really angry, “But what if I was in charge?” he thought, making him more determined.  
Years passed, and Jack became head of the local high school. Now he WAS in chargehe made a rule to punish anyone who didn’t believe in other people's dreams and encourage everyone, including those hardly noticed, to never give up and be sure they got were heard!  

…but what if I was in charge?… by Clara

The world lay in ruins, and it was all my brother's fault. He had led the rebellion against the world's leaders, that had subsequently led to a nuclear war... which led to us now. As I lay dying in a ditch, I wondered, "But what if I was in charge?" I was always the one better at debating, my brother solved everything with brute force. Who knows, maybe my plan would've worked, maybe my plan wouldn't've killed everything on the planet. Mind you, there's no point contemplating decisions and "what if's" in the last few seconds of my life...

School Hours by Tyler S

The Government decided that we have to go to school six and a half hours five times a week. This is not fair because we only get two days off, but what if I was in charge? I would definitely change all the rules. The most important one being different school hours. I think we should only go to school four days for only six hours. School would start exactly at nine in the morning and finish at three in the afternoon. Snack time would be a little bit longer and PE wouldn't take place outside because of recent weather.

…but what if I was in charge?… by Tegan

This morning I watched the news with my family then the prime minister came on. I thought, 'This is BORING.' Then I wondered ‘...but what if I was charge?... this place would be very different. I would let the schools finish early or in fact no school no homework bonus, kids would be in charge of money. The adults would be in work 24/7 and people would learn to drive at the age of 13.’ I told my mum about my plan, she said that the Prime Minister or Queen make those decisions, ever since I have been trying to become the king.

…but what if I was in charge?…by Estera

My name is Elizabeth and when I was about 9 I wanted to be in charge of everything. Everything I didn't like I wished I could change. I always wanted to change things that would make the country better. I always thought I couldn't be in charge. One day I said to myself but what if I was in charge? Then it hit me I could be in charge! I started making serious choices and at the age of 38 I became president. Now I always tell myself that dreams really do come true; if you push them forward.