Saturday, 23 September 2017

The lantern of candy by Tegan

It was broken, the lantern of candy had been broken! Was it so possible that it could have happened, this wonderful piece of art turned into a monstrosity. Who could have done this? I need to find this person. What shall I do seeing as I was small. I took it to the museum owner (who was Theo) who took it to Lucas (lab worker) he managed to fix it right up. They asked who was keeping it, I said the museum hopefully so that monstrosity of a person would never do it again. Thanks to Lucas the lantern of candy is fixed.

Scientists by Daisy

Everything seemed normal … lights had been set up in the old abandoned garage it began to shake ! Then SMASH the light bulb fell to the floor smashing and leaving a sea of colour. It was a job only to be investigated by a special team of miniature scientists. The colours looked like they were lighting the disco. But close inspections saw that it could be something else. A man said that they should create a case of who did this and who was in the garage at the same time that the light bulb fell. 

But who did it?

Scientists by Ella

Not long after the gigantic light bulb had smashed, highly radioactive gas began to leak from the shattered glass. The gas had shrunk the two scientists to the size of a tiny pea. The scientists had rushed to the crash to collect the microscopic balls that would be used to create marvellous cures for the sick and old. They had never failed before and now their jaw dropping experiments had totally backfired. One by one, they collected the precious balls and dragged them into the now miniscule cases, the two men slowly placed the cases on to the gigantic table.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Grace B

Somebody has broken into my jewellery store because they wanted to steal some highly profitable diamonds, emeralds and ruby gemstones, as well as some hard-earned cash from my cash registers and the safes as well. The alleged thieves who have cleverly disguised themselves as forensic analysts of several different facilities such as toilets. The thieves had very naughtily broken in into my store by using an incredibly silky smooth black crowbar to force open the sealed skylight.

As the thieves dropped to the solid freezing cold floor below in order to steal my most prized possessions one of them, fell in the direction of the single hanging light bulb which dimly illuminated the safe room which hoarded the entire breath-taking collection of priceless jewels.


On a cold, grey, cemented floor, lies a huge, smashed, glass light bulb with various coloured beads scattered all around it, mostly pink, yellow and blue beads. There are two miniature figures dressed head to toes in white overalls investigating the mysterious scene, next to them are big boxes with black cases in them. One of the investigators is staring at the base of the light bulb, and the other one is laying amongst the coloured beads. Some of the beads look like pieces of green, lime and white paper. The investigators have their hoods up to protect the scene from contamination.

Monday, 18 September 2017


Suddenly a radiant shaft of light came streaming towards me. As I stopped and considered what had happened to me in the past 10 minutes, I could only remember deafening screams. As I lay soundless on my bed, I couldn't help but wonder what lay outside. I sat up, slowly tiptoed across the room and reached out in front of me. Hesitantly, I twisted the rusting door knob. My hand shook and a cold shiver rocketed up my spine. My bloodshot eyes reluctantly peaked through the crack in the door I had made for myself. What would be behind it...?

Light by Clara

The workers screamed. The purpose of their lives was to keep Light alive, and she had shattered. Now all colour will disappear. Light coughed, “I’m dying, guys.” Electricity sparked inside Light’s broken frame, and the workers rushed trying to save her. Too late. The sky became a dark grey, the world draining of colour. Daisies and daffodils became an indecipherable mush of grey. Light took her last words, “God help you,” and died. The workers held Light’s lifeless body in their hands and carefully transferred her to her favourite place: the beach. Monochrome filled the land, and sadness engulfed everyone.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

…so, what lies ahead of…, by Lily-Mai

So what lies ahead of me is a very important dance competition called BDO on December 3rd 2017 in Peterborough. I am doing a duet with one of my dance friends - Chelsea. I am looking forward to it. I go to a dance class every Wednesday at Top Limitz. I have done a lot of dance shows in the past like Spilsby Show, the Carnival and a lot more but the Carnival was my favourite. Dance is my favourite thing to do there is also an advanced class on Tuesday which I am trying to get into. I only started in March. 

Monday, 11 September 2017

…so, what lies ahead of… by Macey-Jane

So what lies ahead of us? 
I go on a walk with my dog, I feel dizzy. Things are spinning around me. What do I do?  
I see people rising from their graves. I see people running and screaming. I find myself sinking into the ground and I drop on a pile of manure. I get up and I start walking. I stopped and thought where am I this is not my house where is my dog? I carried on walking then I saw something run by my feet. I looked around then I felt something tap me. I vanished.

…so, what lies ahead of… by Millie

She doesn't like me...she hates me...what am I going to do? 
She won't talk to me. She keeps ignoring me. She gives me evil looks. I know she hates me, even though she hasn't told me. 
My mum and dad don't know. Should they know? 
...So what lies ahead of I don't know. It's killing me! She's popular, she's pretty! No wonder she doesn't like me. Maybe, just maybe if I do it she will like me! I don't's quite risky. Well it's worth a shot. I'll do it. I don't care what they say!

…so, what lies ahead of… by Ella

She woke up to hear a whisper, "Lucy" it said again but this time louder. She sat up properly and checked her phone 12:01 she read out loud, grabbed her night gown, slipped on her slippers and went downstairs. She had heard it before but not this like this. It was a deep voice that was followed by an echo. Outside Lucy stood, “ what lies ahead of...” the voice exclaimed. ‘What lies ahead of what?’ Looking down at her bracelet that was now beginning to glow revealing an outline of her beloved dead Grandmother, "Grandmother!" Lucy said softly.

…so, what lies ahead of… by Lexi

As the frosted moon strode over the charcoal sky, Emma's eyes grew in sync with its reflection. Swimming in the lit azure sea with only a ray of moonlight to guide her, was one of the pleasures of her life. Suddenly, she grew close to an underwater grotto she had never seen before. She paused in front of it, taking a moment to admire it. She could see something sparkling, like iridescent scales on a tail. Running out of breath, she made a split-second decision to swim in. 'So, what lies ahead of me?' she thought to herself...

…so, what lies ahead of… by Clara

“So, what lies ahead of me?” I wonder, my hand twisting the door-knob. I could be showered in riches or plummet to a horrible death. 
Ten seconds until the door will open. 
What will happen if I lose? 

Three, two, one. 

The door opens, there’s nothing there! My legs buckle as I am thrust down a dirty blood-soaked tunnel. Past twisted pictures of the other victims, lying on the floor. Lifeless. Scared. Alone. A horrifying, animalistic scream echoes throughout the tunnel, I didn’t know I could scream so loud. My body lands on the floor. Lifeless. Scared. Alone.

…so, what lies ahead of… by Grace B

On our recent holiday to Warmwellnear Weymouth in Dorset me and my family visited the famous attraction, Durdledoor
When  we arrived, we were overwhelmed by the stunning natural beauty of Durdledoor. There was a steep chalk slope leading downwards to 126 uneven stairs. Once on the pebble beach I took my shoes and socks off and I went for a paddle in the sea. Once I'd dried my feet and got my shoes and socks back on we were ready to go back to the car as we turned around to go, I thought, 'So what lies ahead of us is 126 steps worth of uneven steps that I have to climb once more.'

…so, what lies ahead of… by Daisy

So what lies ahead of the magical forest? A girl named Blossom was about to find out! She was a country girl from Kansas who lived with her grandparents. One day she decided to go for a walk. She came across a forest so she walked through it and fell down a hole but then shot back up again. The forest was magical and the first thing she saw was a rainbow coloured unicorn. Her eyes filled up with tears of colour - it was beautiful. So she rode it back home and she kept it as a pet.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Ava

Dear Diary, 



          Today I met a new friend…well she is kind of my BFF. She is so beautiful and she has long silky brown hair. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up and I thought that it was a hard job to get right but she should go for whatever she wants in life. 

I felt worried for her as this popular girl named Poppy Gilly in year 10 is really getting on mine and Tara’s nerves. 

Anyway we have taken at least 564 photos on my camera with Tara. 

                                                                                           Anyway see you next time diary, 

                                                                                                   Sarah Downwoods 

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Lisa

Coming out of the shop to buy my brand new, beautiful camera, I decided to take a photograph with it. I was very excited about using it because it was my very first proper camera! YAAAAY! I got it out of the box before seeing a fountain with a dolphin on it. I was something I would probably want to see again so I pressed down on the button to take a photo. I started to get a bit worried when it was hard to click. When the photo printed…. IT WAS BROWN. I just really hoped that I would get my birthday money back.

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Mia

I stopped at a shop near Tesco it was called Currys, I went there to buy a new filming camera because my old one had broken, it had dropped out my pocket and hit the ground hard I was worried when it happened but then I realised I could just buy a new beautiful one. My friend said to get a brown camera and I said to her, “They don’t do brown cameras, I don’t think.” So I carried on looking for a camera and then I found the one it was the canon G7X I was so happy.

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Frankie

I was on holiday in Mexico and me, mum and dad was eating out breakfast outside, it was a really nice sunny but I got annoyed because it was hard to eat my food with a tooth ache. My mum was just about to fall asleep because she was so tired from last night, then my dad shouted look at that! It was a brown and black chocolate cake coming to our table, it was beautiful. I was a bit worried tho because I thought I wasn't going to eat it but before I could say anything my dad pulled out his camera and yelled, SURPRISE!

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Sophie

I woke up with my brown hair all over my face, slowly I walked downstairs and into the living room "Happy birthday!" my family shouted. I completely forgot that it was my birthday "Come on then, open your presents." said mum. There were so many presents in a great big pile, The first one I opened had the most beautiful dress that I have ever seen The next one I picked up was a hard present and my mum looked a little worried as I started to open it. I don't know why she was worried because it was a lovely camera.